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Olson Concrete offers the entire range of concrete structure construction for both residential homeowners and commercial contractors. Whether interior, exterior, or both, trust the professionals at Olson Concrete to help you achieve the results you want.

Freshly poured and stamped concrete driveway

Residential Concrete

Whether new construction, home additions, or remodeling, Olson Concrete in Dane County has the knowledge and experience to get your job done right, on time, and within budget. From flatwork to foundations, decorative concrete to outdoor living spaces, trust Olson Concrete to make your dream home a reality.

Dark concrete steps

Commercial Concrete

Trust Olson Concrete to be your dependable concrete specialists. As construction professionals ourselves, we understand and respect the demands on your time and budget. You can depend on Olson Concrete in Dane County to help make sure that you get your project done on time and within budget.


Flatwork is the term used for large, flat concrete structures, such as basement floors, garage floors, patios, and driveways. Concrete is the most cost-effective material to use for these types of concrete construction from both a material and labor perspective. And, properly maintained flatwork will last for decades.

Concrete can be finished with a huge variety of decorative textures that are both durable and attractive. Your flatwork can also be stained or dyed to achieve a particular look – or have the structure blend better with its surroundings.

Olson Concrete specializes in concrete flatwork. It is critical to have a knowledgeable and experience professional install your flatwork structure for many reasons, including:

Basement and Garage Floors

Typically interior spaces, this type of flatwork is given a smooth finish for ease of cleaning. Because these structures are protected from the elements, the concrete mix that is used differs slightly from exterior concrete structures to allow for proper curing time and a durable finish.

Finishing Concrete Home Floor. Closeup Photo. Hand with Finishing Tool. Construction Tool.

Driveways, Sidewalks and Patios

Typically used in outdoor spaces, this type of flatwork is finished with a rougher texture by using a brush to allow better traction. Because these types of concrete structures are exposed to the elements and often must bear a heavy load, it is important to use the appropriate concrete mix to assure it cures properly and will withstand the demands placed upon the structure.

Large concrete driveway on the prairie

Stoops and Stairways

Access to different areas and levels of a structure or space requires taking a lot of things into consideration. There are, of course, building codes assuring safety and durability, but designing functionality and integration with the surrounding space into these concrete structures requires both art and skill. The professionals at Olson Concrete help make these everyday necessities feel like they belong where they are placed.

Whether it is a simple front stoop that provides safe, attractive access to your home or a sweeping staircase to a terrace, Olson Concrete has the knowledge and expertise to help you achieve the purpose of your access concrete structures.

Decorative Concrete

Advances in both technology and materials have made it possible for you to have an almost unlimited number of choices for the appearance of your concrete structure. Olson Concrete can combine dyes or stains and finishing techniques to achieve almost any look, view our colors below. Love the look of hardwood flooring but your building codes won’t allow that in your basement? We can finish your basement floor to give you the look and feel of hardwood. The options really are almost endless:


Stone paver driveways add enormous curb appeal to a home or commercial building. Olson Concrete can dye and finish any of your concrete to match the pattern and look of stone  – so much so that people are amazed to find out it’s concrete!


Stamped concrete pattern


Large outdoor spaces need to be both beautiful and functional. Concrete provides the best of both beauty and function, at a far more affordable cost than stone or wood decking. Properly maintained and sealed, a decorative concrete patio will provide decades of service and enjoyment. Cleanup is a simple as hosing it off.

For decorative stamped concrete ideas: Farrell Equipment

Poured concrete stamped to look like red brick
Outdoor living area with concrete patio

Outdoor Living Spaces

Wisconsin’s outdoor seasons are perfect for sitting around a fire, entertaining family and friends, and dining al fresco. Olson Concrete can help you create that perfect outdoor living space that makes outdoor living easy and enjoyable.

Concrete Fire Pits

Sitting around a fire is most enjoyable when it can be done safely. A properly placed and constructed concrete fire pit provides hours of enjoyment and peace of mind. The professionals at Olson Concrete can help you construct any above ground, decorative concrete or inground stainless steal fire pits. For ultimate safety, remember that we also construct concrete patios that provide a flat, sturdy surface for enjoying a crackling fire with friends and family. 

Retaining Wall and Foundations for Home Additions

Concrete is a very cost-effective material to use when working with natural surroundings. Essentially concrete wall construction, these structures are used to help prevent erosion, reinforce an area, and facilitate construction on slopes to work with the landscape.

Retaining Walls

Retaining walls do exactly what the name suggests – they make sure the landscape is retained or held in place. Nature is continuously changing, so the construction of a retaining wall must take into account the effect that the natural forces of gravity and expansion/contraction will have on the concrete structure.

Home Additions

Many people decide instead of purchasing a new home, it's more cost-effective to add on to their existing home. Olson Concrete has the capability of excavating and installing foundations and flat work for future home additions.